Your Worth is What God says about you.

Do you believe in your personal worth?  Do you believe you are “enough?”  Have you sensed God’s Truth?

I participated in a woman’s support group at my church for quite a while.  We studied the book Search for Significance by Robert McGee.  The author suggested an exercise that literally changed my life FOREVER!

I wrote just five statements on a 3X5” note card and repeated them daily while on my exercise equipment.  At the beginning of the month I did not believe any of the statements.  After 30 days I believed every statement.

It will change your life!  Daily stating God’s Truth overcomes any resistance you may have about your personal worth.  And once you believe God’s Truth, you enjoy confidence, self-assurance and joy!  Learn to praise Him for your relationship with the One Who loves you unconditionally.

And freely accept His love and grace.

The card This is GOD’S TRUTH is included in the Bible Bites Bundle for this great reason.