Bible    Bites

BEST SELLER:  The Bible is the best-selling Book of all time!  According to Guinness World Records as of 1995, the Bible is the best-selling book of all time with an estimated 5 billion copies sold and distributed!

But for many the Bible is a challenge to read, comprehend, understand or believe.  People around the world attend services where the Bible is taught.  Many believe what they are taught.  Others attend worship service and live a life contrary to what they’ve been taught.  I was in that second category.

THE PURSUIT:  After my first daughter was a year old, I was anxious and felt compelled to return to church services because I finally wanted to.  It took over three years for me to finally comprehend, understand AND believe what I was being taught!  God is the Author of the Bible and the Authority of His Creation.  In repentance and humility, I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

SEARCH FOR SIGNIFICANCE:  Almost 20 years later I participated in a women’s support group.  We studied Robert McGee’s Search for Significance which included an exercise to recite The Truth Card for 30 days, all supported by Scripture.

Because of false beliefs, my actions conflicted with God’s Truth.  God’s Truth overcomes Satan’s lies and the false beliefs.  I no longer tried to prove my worth to God.

I sadly noticed that other ladies in the support group did not do homework or accept God’s gift of grace and forgiveness.  Half-hearted or limited participation did not equal belief or result in a changed life.

GOD’S TRUTH:  After reciting The Truth Card for 30 days I finally believed that my Worth is What God Says it is!  I now believe I am deeply loved by God, completely forgiven and fully pleasing to God, totally accepted by God and a new creation, complete in Christ.  As a Believing Christian I rejected Satan’s lies.  I accepted that God’s grace and forgiveness are given unconditionally to Believers in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Once my husband retired and because I excel at organization and administration and love to simplify whatever I do, I asked God’s guidance to boost retirement income.  The answer:  develop small prayer journals called Bible Bites in a super simple format:  One Scripture per page for journaling.

I also designed a card based on Search for SignificanceGod’s Truth:  Your Worth is What God says About You.

PHOTOGRAPHY:  Because God gave me the gift of photography, I captured the truly awesome image above that I call Son Shine SunriseIt’s on the cover of the first title of the Bible Bites series, Meet God and His Son and is also reproduced as a post card and greeting card.

Next came a bookmark for books of the Bible, Old Testament on one side and the New Testament on the other.  I used one of my peaceful lake photos on the bookmark!

Albert Einstein was right!

When the solution is simple, God is answering!


•  Are you satisfied with your current life?

•  Are you intimidated reading the Bible?

Are you searching for Biblical wisdom and God’s perspective?

Are you ready to change just two things?

•  The Books you read. 

•  The people you spend time with.

Are you ready for a massive change in your life in an easy-to-use simple format?

If so, try Bible Bites, small personal journals to guide you on this pursuit.

PRODUCTS: Through Bible Bites you spend time with the God of the Universe who pursues you with His Unconditional Love!   

•  Delight in a new lifestyle that guides your thoughts, behaviors and actions.

•  Spend just a few minutes with God as you enjoy your morning coffee.

•  It’s easier than you thought. 

•  It’s simpler than you realized.

Each small journal (4″ X 6”) is devoted to one topic.  Each page has just one Scripture verse.  In the space provided you can just copy the verse and write “God, PLEASE HELP ME!”  Or write your response, your personal prayer to God.  Each prayer booklet is small enough to fit in a purse, backpack, briefcase or back pocket!  Even a diaper bag!

Challenge and replace Satan’s false beliefs with God’s Truth!

Remember, the time you spend with God is priceless!

Your relationship with God and His Son are Eternal!   

So, who will YOU become in five years?