Will God Really Hear My Prayers?

We all ask God to answer our prayers with the perfect solution in mind.  But perhaps you were disappointed to learn that your solution is not what God considers your greatest benefit.

God may use any of your circumstances (including any type of need or pain) as a method to cause you to seek His help and He will be there when you search for answers that are beyond your grasp and ability to implement.  Consider that God’s plan for your life included a web search led you to Bible Bites!

It may be quite some time – years or even decades later – when you realize that God truly did answer your prayers for your greatest benefit.

Why Bible Bites:

Over the years I tried to journal in a variety of ways but I couldn’t stay focused.  I wanted to learn how to journal with direction and purpose on a regular basis.

Because we each look at Scripture differently and reflect on God’s Word based on “where we are today,” Bible Bites introduces you to God as the One who loves unconditionally and answer prayer His Way:

  • Definitely

  • Denied

  • Delayed

  • Differently

  • Distributed a bit at a time

Bible Bites provide an extremely simple, timely and effective way to actually spend time praying God’s Word in a small journal on a regular basis to read and respond to God’s Word.

About Bible Bites:

Enjoy a simple solution to a challenge many would like to resolve, which is:  Reading the Bible and praying to God.

Just like having a conversation with a good friend, Bible Bites makes it easy for you to respond to God’s Word.  You read just one verse a day. Then you simply write your prayer response. Through this simple and easy format you discover and enjoy spending time in God’s Word as you experience His Blessings on your life.

  • Meet God as the One who loves you unconditionally!

  • Grace is received as God honors your prayer concerns!

  • You pray and journal regularly with direction and purpose!

  • Overwhelm is reduced with Bible Bites!

  • Stress is relieved as you give your concerns to God!

  • Your daily prayer takes just a few moments!

  • You target just one verse per each day!

  • Carry Bible Bites in your pocket, purse, briefcase, backpack, diaper bag.

  • Respond and react to God’s Word “where you are each day.”

  • Because it takes about 21 days to develop a habit, Bible Bites firmly establishes the habit of spending time each day with God in His Word.

All Bible Bites products are all small enough to take and share anywhere so you can ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good.’ Psalms 34:8.

When the solution is simple, God is answering!

Albert Einstein

Supplies of the Bible Bites Bundle are limited!

Bible Bites are small and reasonably priced so please consider ordering extra sets.  They make great gifts:

  • Christmas Stocking Stuffers

  • Graduation

  • Wedding

  • Gift Baskets

  • Bible Study Gifts

  • Going-Away Gifts

  • Co-workers

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