Son Shine Sunrise

Son Shine Sunrise

Who wouldn’t like to receive an anonymous gift that brightens your day every time you look at it?

By 2008 my husband and I had retired and moved to his parents’ vacation home.  We brought them to their home so we could care for them after hospitalization and rehab as they were both in their late 80’s.

One morning I walked out about 6 am with my pocket camera and took a few photos of the sunrise.  Days later I downloaded the images to my computer and was more than pleasantly surprised when I saw three images.

God had allowed me to capture the sunrise, mist and reflection across the lake.  I later named the images Son Shine Sunrise and I applied for copyright protection.

Son Shine Sunrise is on the front cover of Meet God and His Son.  I also had greeting cards and post cards printed up.

Those images capture attention when sent to someone who needs inspiration.

One greeting card and one post card is included in the Bible Bites Bundle.