Book Mark


Who knows all the names of the books of the Bible?  I don’t.  Do you?  And some books are just one or two pages long–too  hard to find without the benefit of flipping back to the Bible’s index, or a quick glance at a handy bookmark.

I helped out at AWANA at my local church for several years.  One of their assignments was to memorize all the books of the Bible.  Those kids could do it!  Start the Old Testament in Genesis and end up with Malachi.  New Testament: Matthew through Revelation.

I still get mixed up because I never learned the correct order of all the books of the Bible.

But I do have something that helps out:  A BOOKMARK!

Old Testament on one side; New Testament on the other side.

Handy for sure, and it’s included in the Bible Bites Bundle!

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Bible Bites Bundle

BOOKMARK:  Old Testament and New Testament