The WOW Factor

The WOW Factor!

So why more prayer journals?

There were just too many verses for Meet God and His Son, so I just kept going!  More verses became The WOW Factor.  Plus, God has so many more ways to bless us with His Word!  And loving discipline is a form of blessing, in case you didn’t know!

So, why is this called The WOW Factor?

Decades ago, I facilitated a Bible study on Search For Significance.  I told the ladies to just read the verses out loud and then react. They had just one word. “Wow!”  Unconditional love!  God loves us just the way we are!  No exceptions!  In spite of your sin!  God wants to bless you when you pray to Him and accept His free gift of salvation!

God is preparing a forever Home for you in His Heaven!

As you learn more about God and journal your prayers, your personal burdens will be more manageable as God’s peace governs your thoughts, actions and behaviors.  Your prayers will be answered, even if the answer is NO.

The WOW Factor is the second of four small Bible Bites prayer journals.  64 pages, 4” X 6”.

Order multiple sets for yourself and family members, additional sets for Christmas gifts, graduation, co-workers and friends who are struggling!  Especially those who need to learn about God’s unconditional love!

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The WOW Factor
Bible Bites Bundle – The WOW Factor
Bible Bites Bundle – The WOW Factor

THE WOW FACTOR:  Front Cover