Heavenly Father, I Thank You daily for the love and compassion that You’ve given to me and that I can trust Your Word which states THE VERY ESSENSE OF YOUR WORDS IS TRUTH; ALL YOUR JUST REGULATIONS WILL STAND FOREVER (NLT)  Psalms 119:160  I am comfortable coming to You and look to you in faith as I pray for America.  Too many people mock Your Word and live a life that reflects their disbelief in an internal set of rules.  Those rules come from the Bible, are guidelines and set a high standard on which to live a life.  THE LORD IS KNOWN FOR HIS JUSTICE.  THE WICKED ARE TRAPPED BY THEIR OWN DEEDS.  (NLT) Psalms 9:16  That’s the tragic part.  Being trapped and unaware of eternal consequences.  Blessings follow Obedience.  Because justice follows a choice to sin, I pray that the desire for a return to blessings results in Obedience in America.  Too many people have lost so much.  In their despair, I pray they turn to You instead of a government program to meet their needs.  Your answers are eternal and lead to peace that never ends.  In Jesus’ Name ~ Amen ~

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