Is it easy for you to make decisions, or hard? Do you make snap decisions with good results, or regrets?

Did you make a good decision as you chose a school to attend? What about that job? What factors made you say yes?  Did the job turn out to be everything you wanted?

What about moving? Friends? Employment? Spouse? Family? A new home? Buy or rent?

Who made the family decision to attend or not attend church as you grew up? Did you enjoy church?  Do you remember what you learned and did it make a difference in your life and in the decisions that you made in later years?

Did you learn right from wrong? And what about those Ten Commandments?  Once you became an adult on your own, did you walk away from church?

What about the decision to marry?  Was marriage the delight you expected? One boss told me, “Marriage at best is a difficult.” Boy, was he ever right! But what can you do in a difficult marriage when you have a mortgage and children?

I made the decision to return to church bringing my youngster. I attended Sunday school. Bought a new Bible. And then I took the Discovery class. We used a small book, read verses and talked. It took months.

Then I read a Matthew 10:32 spoken by Jesus. Everyone who acknowledges me publicly here on earth, I will acknowledge before my father in Heaven.  But everyone who denies me here on earth, I will also deny before My Father in Heaven.

This verse challenged me. The thought of eternal separation from God scared me to make a decision for Christ because I never knew that I had to make a decision and publicly acknowledge Christ with eternity on the line.

I prayed the Sinner’s Prayer and in an instant my eternal destiny changed and I knew then I was heaven bound to spend eternity with Jesus.  Within a month I was baptized. As I waited my time turn I spoke with others from the class. I distinctly remember telling them, “This was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.”

What about you? How hard is it for you to make a decision? So much goes into decisions. Research, discussion and the ultimate result.

The result for me is that I made one decision I will never regret.

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