Heavenly Father, We look to you because too many people have made poor choices throughout their lives–education, employment, finances, relationships with others, and a personal relationship with You through Jesus Christ.  We know that America has been blessed due to the prayers of our Founders.  HE DECIDED BEFOREHAND WHEN THEY SHOULD RISE AND FALL, AND HE DETERMINED THEIR BOUNDARIES. (NLT)  Acts 17.26   We enjoyed Your blessings and became complacent.

Now we face an election that will direct the course of America and we again seek Your blessings because THE LORD IS THE ONLY TRUE GOD.  HE IS THE LIVING GOD AND THE EVERLASTING KING!  THE WHOLE EARTH TREMBLES AT HIS ANGER.  THE NATIONS CANNOT STAND UP TO HIS WRATH.   (NLT)Jeremiah 10:10. 

This is where we all have to take notice–wrath?  We want blessings, not consequences for poor choices.  We don’t like debt.  We don’t like personal choices being dictated by government.  We don’t like abortion called choice because You know us from the time of conception.  We don’t like a new definition of marriage because You desire we give honor to marriage.  You are faithful to us, and You desire we remain faithful to our own families.  You have told us to not raise our fists.

We confess these choices as sin, because that is what they are.  We seek forgiveness for sins committed.  We seek forgiveness for the times we did not take a stand for righteousness.  In repentance we turn away from sin and toward Your forgiveness.  In expectation we seek Your mercy and grace.

But nevertheless, we turn to You for wisdom, guidance and blessings.  But first please strengthen the resolve to obey.

In Jesus’ Name ~ Amen!

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