I AM.  First person.  Present tense.  Just two little words that lead to permanent transformation for my life.

I tell myself I AM everyday. This is positive self talk and overcomes the negative self talk that occupied space between my ears for decades. About ten years ago I read Search For Significance by Robert S. McGee. Somewhere in the book the author suggested writing down specific phrases and read them out loud everyday, that my life would be transformed in ten seconds a day after 30 days. I didn’t believe him but I took him at his word and I tried out this experiment. I got out a 3 by 5” card and wrote out the following:

This is God's Truth
Transform Your Life with God’s Truth!

Search for Significance I Am Flyer 4 X 6 BB

I had been a Christian for over 15 years but still did not believe these powerful truths until I repeated this list everyday for 30 days.  Transformation occurred–I was completely transformed by this simple experiment.

Last year I read Rick Warren’s book The Purpose Driven Life, a best seller. Rick Warren had one suggestion that I really paid attention to–in one breath, breathe a sentence prayer.

So that’s what I started doing with Our Daily Bread, a very popular monthly / quarterly devotional that you can pick up at many churches for a nominal donation. Now every day when I read Our Daily Bread I write out one or two I AM statements in a small spiral bound 4 X 6” notebook based on what I’d just read.

It’s easy, very easy to read Scripture, any devotional or something positive and write out your own I AM statement. You’ll be seeing mine on my Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter, and in blog posts.  My life’s transformation continues.  You can start your transformation just as easily.

Have fun, transform your own life when you repeat simple I AM statements for your mind every single day.  God Bless!

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