Prayer — America Really Needs Some Help!

Boy, 2016 is shaping up to be a really busy year with primaries, elections, candidates, town halls, blog posts, news coming out of your ears, emails and everyone who is trying to get your attention and then your vote.  So who can you trust, who can you rely on before you vote?   Here’s Benjamin Franklin’s […]

Government Shut Down Prayer

This month those legislators elected to ‘solve’ problems for our country were, once again, unable to resolve the issue of ObamaCare (Americans don’t want the government’s version of health insurance forced on them) and the national debt (for some reason legislators continue to think that it’s still all right to continually incur debt without a […]

We Need God’s Full Armor

Heavenly Father,  yesterday a mass killing occurred in America.  Dozens of people were killed by a mentally ill young man.  Evil exists in this world because of free will.  We are all given the choice of good and evil, right and wrong, yes or no, or action or non-action. We stand stronger when we believe […]

A Bold Reproof Promotes Peace

Heavenly Father, Praying for America brings the serious concerns of committed Christians to Your Throne of Grace.  We see so much sin in this country.  We see so much poverty around the world and we are humanly helpless to solve these problems.  But we know that PEOPLE WHO WINK AT WRONG CAUSE TROUBLE, BUT A […]

Lord, Forgive These People’s Sins

Heavenly Father, Please forgive our toleration for sin in America.  We have tolerated the breakdown of the family in America—easy divorce, no fault divorce, children born out of wedlock, abortion on demand, education that stresses conformity rather than elevating individual intellectual development, too many television programs that promote violence and immoral behavior, programs that are […]

God Pronounces Judgment

Heavenly Father, Reading Your Word is to read Your commands.  You question our decisions and demand action when You say that GOD PRESIDES OVER HEAVEN’S COURT; HE PRONOUNCES JUDGMENT ON THE HEAVENLY BEINGS.   But we have chosen sin over righteousness.  We have chosen the temporary over the eternal. We have chosen the easy way rather […]

Speak Up for the Poor and Helpless

Heavenly Father, We are grateful to You every day for provisions in our U. S. Constitution that give us three co-equal branches of government.  The Executive, Legislative and Judicial.  Laws are to be proposed, debated, passed by both representative houses, then signed into law by our chief executive, the President.  When problems arise, they are […]

God is an Honest Judge

Heavenly Father, We Praise and Thank You for the examples that You set before us.  We know that GOD IS AN HONEST JUDGE.  HE IS ANGRY WITH THE WICKED EVERY DAY.  Psalms 7:11 (NLT)  Your honesty sets a high bar for us to model.  We don’t always meet the mark, but we have experienced success.  […]

Judges Should Please The Lord

Heavenly Father, The United States Constitution established laws for every citizen in the country, using the Bible to formulate guidelines and rules that are fair in order for a country to function.  One of those functions is the judiciary, some judges are appointed and others are elected.  Many judges respect their duty and “ALWAYS THINK […]

Evil People Don’t Understand Justice

Heavenly Father, When we think of You, we know that we can rely on You for an honorable outcome to situations that require justice.  However, EVIL PEOPLE DON’T UNDERSTAND JUSTICE BUT THOSE WHO FOLLOW THE LORD UNDERSTAND COMPLETELY.  Proverbs 28:5 (NLT) We all suffer because evil people make rules and laws according to their own […]