Heavenly Father, All Americans, whether they know it or not, want to be watched over–by a Higher Power, by someone who loves unconditionally.  I Praise You for Your Word which states THE LORD WATCHES OVER THOSE WHO FEAR HIM, THOSE WHO RELY ON HIS UNFAILING LOVE.  (NLT) Psalms 33:18 

In the past Americans enjoyed blessings and experienced the joy of Your Word:  WHAT JOY FOR THE NATION WHOSE GOD IS THE LORD, WHOSE PEOPLE HE HAS CHOSEN AS HIS INHERITANCE.  (NLT) Psalms 33:12

So now we come to You in repentance for generations of sins in taking those blessing for granted.  We know that You are A JEALOUS GOD FILLED WITH VENGEANCE AND WRATH.  HE TAKES REVENGE ON ALL WHO OPPOSE HIM AND CONTINUES TO RAGE AGAINST HIS ENEMIES! (NLT)  Nahum 1:2 

And sinners are Your enemies, those who refuse to acknowledge Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord and that You are not obligated to hear or respond to their prayers.

So this prayer is for America and for Americans, that we choose to look to You for guidance for our daily lives, wisdom for the choices we make and Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior, always to fill us with Joy!

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