Heavenly Father, Everything is going by so fast, but THIS IS WHAT THE SOVEREIGN LORD . . . SAYS:  “ONLY IN RETURNING TO ME AND RESTING IN ME WILL YOU BE SAVED.  IN QUIETNESS AND CONFIDENCE IS YOUR STRENGTH.”  (NLT)  Isaiah 30:15   This says that You want America to stop doing everything and rest??  Decades ago stores were closed on Sunday.  Families attended worship services and spent the day together.  But with everything happening so fast now, how do we disengage, step back and find rest?   We might miss something important.  How do we make the decision to give up on some activity?  How do we learn to say NO?  How will everything get done when people take the time for rest?  But by turning to You, and resting in You, we can look to something very positive.  You mention being saved.  Quietness and confidence are both positive attributes.  And they cannot be acquired without coming to You for recharging and strength.

So in coming to You I pray that THE LORD WILL NOT REJECT HIS PEOPLE; HE WILL NOT ABANDON HIS SPECIAL POSSESSION.  JUDGMENT WILL AGAIN BE FOUNDED ON JUSTICE, AND THOSE WITH VIRTUOUS HEARTS WILL PURSUE IT. (NLT) Psalms 94:14-15  I pray that Americans everywhere will turn to You and embrace being Your special possession.  Oh Lord, we pray for justice because too many people have received injustice from the legal system in America.  But Your judgment is always righteous and fair.    We pray that more and more people will truly examine Your Word, believe Your Word and live their lives based on Your Word.  We pray In Jesus’ Name ~ Amen

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