Heavenly Father, You know all about the elections that are coming up quickly here in America.  Campaigns are bombarding Americans with 30-second commercials on the radio, TV, phone calls and mailings about how wonderful their candidate is and why Candidate X should be chosen over Candidate Y.  But in Your Word You give us very good criteria for electing representatives to government:  SELECT FROM ALL THE PEOPLE SOME CAPABLE, HONEST MEN WHO FEAR GOD AND HATE BRIBES. (NLT) Exodus 18;21

It sounds so simple, and it is.  But too many representatives have been elected with good intentions for their constituents.  However, once elected, career staffers take over and fill them in with the ‘rules of the game.’  It’s not a game when We the People are being ignored and millions and billions of dollars paid in as taxes is doled out to special interest groups who made significant campaign contributions to Candidate X and Y.  It doesn’t sound like a bribe, but the result is just about the same.   Tax-payer funded contracts go to companies selected by the elected and paid for by the unconnected who are coerced via tax law regulated by a burdensome IRS.

We pray for the candidates at every level in every state in America as honest voters select the most capable person for representation.  I pray that You influence voters to honestly and objectively examine the claims made by their candidates and SELECT FROM ALL THE PEOPLE SOME CAPABLE, HONEST MEN WHO FEAR GOD AND HATE BRIBES.  (NLT) Exodus 18:21  In Jesus’ Name ~ Amen

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