Heavenly Father, You are to be praised always for Your Word which gives us Truth, directs our way and guides our prayers for America.  Today we look at laws, judges and JUSTICE—DO YOU RULERS KNOW THE MEANING OF THE WORK?  DO YOU JUDGE THE PEOPLE FAIRLY?  NO!  YOU PLOT INJUSTICE IN YOUR HEARTS.  Psalms 58:1-2 (NLT)

We have too many instances of unjust laws passed by dishonest legislators then ruled on by judges who look inside themselves instead of the Constitution to come to their own unjust conclusion.  All of this is imposed on honest law-abiding taxpayers who have finally come to the realization that this cycle of injustice must end.  We are tired of injustice.  We are tired of the theft of our livelihood for government programs not based on Your Word but on some ‘feel-good’ plan by some special interest group which will profit by a new (never-to-end) government program.  We are tired of judges whose interpretation to deny common-sense legislation actually creates new law which was never the original intention.  We are tired of bureaucracies that impose new rules on the population without regard to consequences.  The unintended consequences are always costly to the population, but seldom to the legislators or bureaucrats.  We are tired because these new laws and rules impose man’s laws on the population while Your Word and Your Truth guide people with an internal compass which would require fewer laws.  The legislators and judges are in a continual ‘job-protection’ mode.

So we look to You for the time when THE GODLY WILL REJOICE WHEN THEY SEE INJUSTICE AVENGED . . .  THEN AT LAST EVERYONE WILL SAY, “THERE TRULY IS A REWARD FOR THOSE WHO LIVE FOR GOD; SURELY THERE IS A GOD WHO JUDGES JUSTLY HERE ON EARTH.”  Psalms 58:10-11 (NLT)   With great enthusiasm we anticipate Your intervention into the affairs of government, judges and the general population.  In Jesus’ Name ~ Amen

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