Heavenly Father, I praise You for being my Higher Power.  I can trust You when You say:  LISTEN TO ME, YOU WHO HAVE UNDERSTANDING.  EVEYONE KNOWS THAT GOD DOESN’T SIN!  THE ALMIGHTY CAN DO NO WRONG. 

But as one of Your Children, I cannot make that statement.  I have made wrong choices and have harmed others.  Others have chosen to do wrong by me and I have been harmed by them.  So now I come to you in confession for my sins, and for so many sins committed here in America.  I confess to You because You also state:  HE REPAYS PEOPLE ACCORDING TO THEIR DEEDS.   HE TREATS PEOPLE AS THEY DESERVE. 

We don’t deserve Your Mercy or Your Grace.  But in Your love for Your creation, You generously grant both.  In confession of sins, we come before You seeking forgiveness, with repentance because we know that TRULY, GOD WILL NOT DO WRONG.  THE ALMIGHTY WILL NOT TWIST JUSTICE.  (NLT)  Job 34:10-12

I pray for repentance because I fear Your justice and an honest turning away from sin and towards Christ as Lord and Savior.

In Jesus’ Name ~ Amen

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