Heavenly Father, We know that IT IS GOD ALONE WHO JUDGES; HE DECIDES WHO WILL RISE AND WHO WILL FALL.  Psalms 75:7 (NLT) Just laws are needed in this country and we have elections on a regular basis to turn out poor legislators and elect righteous legislators.  Misinformation is everywhere.  Many people have difficulty seeing Truth.  It is hard to find honest candidates who will not falter through an exhausting campaign.  There are too many candidates who receive campaign contributions who then reward government contracts to their contributors.  The voters don’t know who they can trust.  Their taxes are not funding needed and necessary services at appropriate levels.  Funds are wasted at alarming levels.  And debt is incurred by today’s legislators that will have to be repaid by future generations.  That is not right and we look to You for judgment.

Because THE LORD REIGNS FOREVER, EXECUTING JUDGMENT FROM HIS THRONE.  HE WILL JUDGE THE WORLD WITH JUSTICE AND RULE THE NATIONS WITH FAIRNESS.  Psalms 9:7-8 (NLT)   We know that discipline is a necessary step that leads to maturity.  The consequence for poor behavior leads to improved behavior with children and government officials.  People must learn from their mistakes; if they don’t learn, they experience more severe consequences.  We cling to Your promise of judgment, justice and fairness.  We look to the coming election and pray that only honest voters will turn out at the polls.  That votes will not be stolen from someone out-of-state who makes a quick trip to cast an illegal vote on election day.  We pray that every fraudulent vote will lead to appropriate consequences and judgment by You.  We pray that honest and righteous candidates will be elected to stop the debt at every level of government.  We pray that open books will be the result and that all fraud will be exposed to appropriate judgment, by a judicial process that is directed by Your fair judgment.  In Jesus’ Name ~ Amen

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