Heavenly Father, Weddings are joyous events where family members witness marital vows willingly spoken by the wedding couple.  So it is right for us to GIVE HONOR TO MARRIAGE, AND REMAIN FAITHFUL TO ONE ANOTHER IN MARRIAGE. 

But decades ago ‘no-fault divorce’ was legislated into law in America, and since that time millions of marriages have been dissolved, sometimes for the flimsy reason of not caring anymore.  ‘Not caring’ leads to flirting, lust and infidelity.  Spouses are devastated by adultery.   Counseling is needed, but many times rejected because that requires an admission of guilt, confession and humility.  We know that GOD WILL SURELY JUDGE PEOPLE WHO ARE IMMORAL AND THOSE WHO COMMIT ADULTERY.  (Hebrews 13:4 NLT)

We are all challenged to forgive those who commit adultery which is for internal peace of heart and which removes bitterness and anger.  And is always done in obedience to You.  Understand that granting forgiveness to the person who was unfaithful does not mean there are no consequences.  Memories are forever.  Homes may have been broken up.  Children are devastated.  And God will judge.

I pray that marriage between a man and a woman will always be honored, that it will remain the highest standard for families and that God will bless those who remain faithful to each other in marriage.  In Jesus’ Name ~ Amen

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