I was reading a self help book and it described a visualization technique to help get out of a sense of overwhelm. I did the technique. And it helped.

I imagined myself taking a bubble bath, water up high, very warm, bubbles everywhere, whirlpool jets swirling the water around me. I was very relaxed and all the tension left my muscles. There were candles all around. My favorite tape was playing—a canoe paddling down a river and I could hear loons off in the distance.

I was so relaxed. The sense of overwhelm lessened significantly and my spirits were immediately lifted. The tension was released from my body as the stress was released from my soul. I was in love with myself.

I continued reading my self help book. The author wanted me to go further into that experience of getting over the overwhelm and accepting myself. I wanted to go a lot deeper. I wanted that experience again.

This time I imagined a winding path with beautiful flowers on either side and a gate up ahead. Sunshine was starting to break through the early-morning mist. I opened up the gate and I knew who was on the other side.

I wanted to speak directly to Jesus.

He met me there and I started crying. I told Him I was afraid. He told me that He experienced fear too. One night He prayed so hard and told God He did not want to do what God had planned for Him.

But He submitted His will to His father. His response was “not my will but thine be done.” And He was nailed to a cross to take the punishment for my sins.

He showed me His hands and I saw His scars. I was crying as I confessed my sins to Him. My secret sins. And He said that He forgives me.

It was wonderful to experience Him personally. It was far better than any prayer I had ever prayed. It was the relationship with Him that I never knew was possible.

He is awesome to forgive me for my sins. He will forgive your sins too when you come to Him and sincerely confess that you are a sinner.  There is nothing that you can do to earn heaven. But God has a plan for your life that is far better than anything you may have hoped for.

In faith ask Jesus Christ to forgive you – He will. And you will become the recipient of His mercy and grace.  Your new life begins as soon as you accept His forgiveness.

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