Heavenly Father, The election is just a few more days hence and most everyone will be grateful when the winners are decided.  Except for those who voted for the losers.  When we remember that there are consequences to the actions we take every day, we ask: O LORD, HOW LONG WILL YOU BE ANGRY WITH US?  FOREVER?  POUR OUT YOUR WRATH ON THE NATIONS THAT REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE YOU—ON KINGDOMS THAT DO NOT CALL UPON YOUR NAME(Psalms 79:5-6 NLT)

There are millions of people out East who are experiencing the effects of Hurricane Sandy—winds, water and sand caused enormous damage and it will be days before power is restored.  Then weeks and months for the cleanup to begin a “new normal.”.  Winter is just around the corner which will hamper restoration efforts so we know that millions of people will experience real need, here in America.  The recession will probably continue and rebuilding will take years.

We no longer trust our politicians.  We believed too many promises that were impossible to keep.  We pay too much in taxes for unconstitutional programs and inadequate services.  Our country is going into debt at a pace that our children and grandchildren will be unable to repay.  And for what?  A government that is too large, costs too much and can only offer cash, but not compassion, for the human condition.

Now we ask for Your help in reducing fraud as people vote in the next six days.  For good weather that allows millions of people in the 50 states to safely visit the polls.  For the honest tabulation of votes in every single precinct in America.  For honest winners.  For gracious losers.  And for the end of a divided America—that we can join together for the good of all Americans, not just the special interests.

We ask for miracles out East in restoring power and heat.  Coordinated plans must be implemented to remove sand, drain water and feed millions of people who can no longer refrigerate their food.  There are enormous challenges for individuals, cities and states.

For most people out East this is one of the greatest challenges they will ever endure in their lifetimes.  But the greatest challenge for Eternity is the individual need for a Savior.  So again we come to You, in confession and repentance, sinners, seeking forgiveness and needing a Savior.  And finding Him in the Person of Jesus Christ.  In His Name ~ Amen

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