Writing and other ways into the heart … for kids and sometimes adults too.

Author Shirley Kufeldt has done a beautiful job with her book series Bible Bites Series. Each pocket sized book is packed with bites from the Bible with the ultimate goal of inspiring the reader to seek the Bible for answers. A verse on every page is thought provoking and promising all at the same time.

Those intimidated by the entire Bible can easily find the time to read and understand one passage at a time and that’s what Ms. Kufeldt accomplishes with her books. Small verses specific to the title of each book will inspire, educate, and encourage the reader. These books make great gifts and enable the reader to have an intimate relationship with God everyday by taking one passage at a time.

These little journal/verse books are designed to fit into a purse or pocket, have places for the reader to jot notes or prayer requests, and are simple verses that encourage. These books are just the beginning of a more enriched prayer life and a deeper faith.


Terri Forehand

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