Bible Bites Bundle


Was your internet search term BIBLE or PRAYER and Google (God) directed you to this page?   Guess What!  You are being pursued by God!  He loves you just the way you are and wants to bless you!  Perhaps through Bible Bites!

Your daily schedule can easily accommodate quick prayers using Bible Bite prayer journals which are small and easily fit into your purse, pocket, backpack, lunch bag.  Even a diaper bag!

You want a simple system that is uncomplicated and reduces stress as you enhance your prayer life and relationship with God!  You gain the calm assurance of His blessings and answered prayer in just a few minutes each day as you put God’s Word into your schedule.  Even though God’s answer to your prayer may not be your desired outcome, your reliance on God for peace and joy will grow as you ultimately experience His Best Answer for your life.



  • Meet God And His Son

God desires a relationship with you. He loves you unconditionally.

  • The Wow Factor

Continue to strengthen and mature your relationship with God who encourages you with His unconditional love.

  • America, Land That I Love

Ask God to give American leaders and citizens wisdom to solve America’s challenges to protect the Godly privileges that we enjoy in this great country called America!

  • Goals That Lead To Success

Journal your current challenges that specifically cause you to turn to God for His Best Solution.


  • This Is God’s Truth

Five “I Am” Statements.  Be persistent!  Repeat daily as you choose to believe God’s Truth!  He loves you!  You are complete in His love.  Scripture references are on the reverse side of the card.

  • Bookmark

There are 66 books in the Bible.  This handy bookmark points you in the right direction to the Old and New Testaments.

  • Son Shine Sunrise

Greeting card with envelope

Post card

God allowed me to capture an early morning sunrise.

(Image copyright Shirley Kufeldt 2012)



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