The Best Ever Christmas Stocking Stuffer for 2022!!

What’s the best personal gift you can give, a gift from your heart, that expresses the True Meaning of Christmas as you share Christ?

Bible Bites Christmas gifts are Eternal!

  • Easily enjoy and keep your New Year’s Resolutions!
  • Enjoy every day with your morning coffee or tea!
  • You will actually use and value this timely gift!
  • Bless the recipients for eternity!

No assembly required with this Christmas gift!

  • It’s a stocking stuffer that’s not socks or slippers!
  • Non fattening!
  • One size fits all!
  • These journals go anywhere and everywhere!
  • Hint:  Purse, backpack, back pocket, briefcase!
  • No batteries required!
  • Will not run out of juice!

Christmas Demonstrates that God’s Word is PRICELESS!!!

  • God’s Word is never obsolete!
  • Discover that Bible reading and prayer is really simple!
  • Demonstrate your concern for the eternal salvation of others!
  • God’s Wisdom is for All People – For All Times –  For Cultures!
  • Enjoy this inexpensive gift of God’s Word!

Purchase multiple sets

For Christmas and Year-Round Gift Giving.


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Bible Bites Bundle - Christmas

Bible Bites - Meet God and His Son - CHRISTMAS

Have you tried finding specific Bible verses that prompt your decision for eternity?  I searched and searched but I really didn’t know what to search for.
Why not try the easy path with Bible Bites?  Small prayer booklets that simply put one passage of God’s word on a page at a time.  In just a few moments each day you read one Scripture passage and write a real quick response.
Let God’s Word speak to Your Heart!  Allow Your Heart  to willingly respond to God’s Word.
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Bible Bites – The Wow Factor - Christmas

So, why is this called The WOW Factor?  Decades ago, I facilitated a Bible study on Search For Significance.  I told the ladies to just read the verses out loud and then react. They had just one word. “Wow!”  Unconditional love!  God loves us just the way we are!  No exceptions!  In spite of your sin!

God wants to bless you when you pray to Him and accept His free gift of salvation!  God is preparing a forever Home for you in His Heaven!

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Bible Bites - America, Land That I Love

God delivers wisdom, guidance and insight in His Word.  Isaiah 33:22:For the Lord is our judge, our lawgiver and our king. He will care for us and save us.”  This verse may have caused the Founders to ponder separation of powers: the judicial, legislative and executive branches as they drafted the United States Constitution!  If one verse is the foundational pillar for the best form of government in the world, don’t you think we can turn to the Bible for more wisdom, guidance and insight!

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Bible Bites - Goals That Lead to Success

Are you learning from  School of Hard Knocks?  Or have you prayed to God for His best outcomes for your future goals, hopes, dreams and future aspirations?

It’s always a good idea to check out God’s Word and write your prayer response.  God will use your circumstances to cause you to seek His best answer to problems.  And ultimately bring glory to Him.

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Gods Truth 232 X 322

Do you believe that Your Worth is What God says about you?  Do you believe you are “enough?”  Have you sensed God’s Truth?   I read Search for Significance by Robert McGee who directed the reader to just write five statements on a 3X5” note card.  I repeated this daily while on my exercise equipment.  It took just ten seconds a day for a month to believe all of the statements.  And it changed my life forever!  It will change your life!

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Bible Bites - This is God's Truth - Scripture References - Christmas

God’s Truth is revealed through Scripture.  Each Verse on the back side of the card references God’s Truth on the front side of the card.

Believing God’s Truth opens you to confidence, self-assurance and joy as you freely accept His love and grace.  The card This is GOD’S TRUTH is included in the Bible Bites Bundle for this great reason.

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Bible Bites - Son Shine Sunrise - Christmas

Early one morning soon into retirement I took a few photos of the sunrise.  God allowed me to capture an image I call Son Shine Sunrise:  the sunrise, mist and reflection across the lake. 

Son Shine Sunrise is on the front cover of Meet God and His Son.  One greeting card and one post card are also included in the Bible Bites Bundle.

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Bible Bites - Old and New Testaments - Christmas

Who knows all the names of the books of the Bible?  I don’t.  Do you?  And some books are just one or two pages long–too  hard to find without the benefit of flipping back to the Bible’s index.

Or just a quick glance at a handy bookmark. Old Testament on the front; New Testament on the back. Handy for sure, and it’s included in the Bible Bites Bundle!

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Everyone says that a Christian should journal their prayer requests. Several years ago I finally found a system that works for me and have been journaling my prayer requests ever since. I became a Christian in my 30's but wonder how I ever missed the invitation to accept Christ prior to that time. Bible Bites makes it easy to be exposed to, and respond to, one Scripture each day. It's like a having a conversation with God!