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Bible Bites Bundle Meet God and His Son

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Four Prayer Journals

  • Meet God and His Son
  • The Wow Factor
  • Goals that Lead to Success
  • America, Land That I Love


Four Cards

  • Bookmark – Old and New Testament
  • This is GOD’S TRUTH
  • Son Shine Sunrise Greeting Card
  • Son Shine Sunrise Post Card


Enjoy the simplicity of Bible Bites as you:

  • Discover that God desires your best outcome and purpose for your life!
  • Journal with direction and purpose on a regular basis
  • Give God the opportunity to meet you where you are today!


  • Your time is valuable—Discover God’s Wisdom quickly with Bible Bites!
  • Your time is limited—God’s love for you is limitless and unconditional!!
  • In a short time you can easily read one Scripture each day.
  • Quickly you can write a journal entry each day!
  • The easy pace helps you respond to and discover God’s wisdom.
  • Habits:  Some are good—some are not.
  • Develop a new good habit in just two minutes each day!
  • Take Bible Bites with you in your purse, pocket or backpack.
  • Bible Bites will help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions!
  • Take ten seconds daily to read, then believe, God’s Truth.
  • Rapidly locate books of the Bible with the Old and New Testament Bookmark.
  • Send your personal greetings with Son Shine Son Rise greeting cards.
  • Your Journal Journey helps you spend time with God with just four small topical journals.