Are you satisfied with your daily devotional time with God?  When asked, the answer is typically No. People don’t read their Bible, attend church, a Bible Study or a support group due to time constraints or lack of desire. Are you missing out on what God wants to do in your life?

If reading the Bible, God’s Word, is too much of a challenge for you, you may not learn what God has to say about any number of topics.

Do you only know God as a judge who only punishes sinners?  Do you have a misguided conception of His love, grace and compassion? Do you blame God for the sins others commit against you?  Do you live your life based on misconceptions about God, and live a secular lifestyle as the result?

Over the years I’ve unsuccessfully tried to journal in a variety of ways—but I couldn’t stay focused.  I wanted to learn how to journal with direction and purpose on a regular basis.

The economy was bad and I didn’t have a job when the idea for BIBLE BITES was formulated.

BIBLE BITES is an extremely simple, timely and effective way to actually spend time with God’s Word and journal on a regular basis to respond and react to God’s Word.

Because we each look differently at Scripture and respond to and reflect on God’s Word based on “where we are today, ” Bible Bites introduces you to God as the One who loves unconditionally and answer prayer His Way:

Definitely, Denied, Delayed, Differently, Distributed a bit at a time. 

With reflection on Scripture, you respond to God with rejoicing, repentance, renewal and reconciliation.

And consider the following statements by Albert Einstein:

 A birth certificate shows you were born.

A photo album shows you have lived.

A death certificate shows you have died.

And a personal journal leaves your legacy of hopes, dreams and answered prayers.