I AM a healing machine.

I AM free from pain

My blood knows where to go.

It visits the lungs,

Picks up oxygen.

On the way it goes.


Any infection it finds

It’s just like a crime

It fights till it wins

And cleans up the site.

I AM a healing machine


My nerves were in shock

My body was tense

I am thankful for Christ

And experience His peace.

I AM a healing machine.


Some bones were broke

So now I invoke

The Name of Christ

That I will heal right.

I AM a healing machine.


Every system of mine

Is by Heavenly design.

He’s healing me head to toe.

I’m grateful to this Savior of mine.

I AM a healing machine.


The doctors, God’s assistants

Their incisions are sure

Every cut lead will lead to my cure.

I AM free from pain, because I’m sure

God made me a healing machine.


I have trials for today.

My mouth will praise

The salvation Christ gave to me.

This is part of my story

I pray it gives glory

To Christ, my Savior and King.

 I AM HIS HEALING MACHINE ~ Shirley Kufeldt – June 2013