Heavenly Father, Praying for America brings the serious concerns of committed Christians to Your Throne of Grace.  We see so much sin in this country.  We see so much poverty around the world and we are humanly helpless to solve these problems.  But we know that PEOPLE WHO WINK AT WRONG CAUSE TROUBLE, BUT A BOLD REPROOF PROMOTES PEACE.  (PROVERBS 10:10 NLT) 

So we must learn new life skills from Your Word—we must be observant at those who cause wrong.  Seeing something and saying that’s wrong should be easy enough for anyone to do.

But we must go further and exercise discernment when looking at the person who winks at wrong.  There is so much waste and fraud that abuses taxpayer dollars.  Outright sin that is contrary to Your Word is legislated into law.  Americans pay for that “legislation” and are not happy with the results.  The economy is headed toward a fiscal cliff. Young girls are encouraged by Planned Parenthood to engage in risky behavior and the result is an unwanted unplanned pregnancy, which Planned Parenthood can “fix” for a fee and in many states without parental knowledge or input.

Millions of conservative Americans wanted to send a reproof to their elected officials by electing conservative legislators to their state houses and toWashington.  That did not occur as it did in 2010.

So we had more winks and fewer reproofs. America’s problems will not be solved by our legislators.  They can only be solved by a close examination of Your Word that teaches us that a BOLD REPROOF PROMOTES PEACE.  In Jesus’ Name ~ Amen

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