Heavenly Father, The election of 2012 is concluded and the results are mixed.  A majority of Americans voted to retain President Obama for four more years.  However, many people would not say that he has a mandate to serve his second term as he did his first term.  Proponents of families are upset with the outcome because Mr. Obama has proven to be the nation’s foremost proponent of abortion.  Over 50 million babies have died, many for the sake of convenience.  Unplanned pregnancies are difficult but abortion is a permanent solution to a problem.  And the baby has no say one way or the other about life and death.

There are a host of issues that people considered as they voted—most notably the economy which will continue to stagnate and which will presumably suffer even more with the poor leadership in Washington.   TO THE FAITHFUL YOU SHOW YOURSELF FAITHFUL; TO THOSE WITH INTEGRITY YOU SHOW INTEGRITY.  TO THE PURE YOU SHOW YOUSELF PURE, BUT TO THE WICKED YOU SHOW YOURSELF HOSTILE.  YOU RESCUE THE HUMBLE, BUT YOU HUMILIATE THE PROUD.  (Psalms 18: 25-27 NLT)

Speculation continues as to America’s future—deeper recession or prosperity—we don’t know.  But we do know that we need leaders that look to You, to Your Word and who actually pursue Godly resolutions to America’s problems.

We pray for the Faithful, for those with Integrity and for the Pure.  Lord, please keep them strong.  Continue to walk with them on the path illuminated by Your Guidance.  There are so many diversions that keep us all ignorant of Your Word.  We have no desire to emulate the wicked or proud for they suffer from Your humiliating hostility.

Thank You, Heavenly Father, because we know that You still reign in heaven above and permit sinners to suffer the consequences of their own choices.  One of the most amazing aspects of relationships is that Your Love for us knows no bounds and You sent your Son Jesus Christ to accept the payment for sin.  He experienced Your wrath and He died a criminal’s death on the cross.  But You showed amazing Love and Power when you restored Your Son to Life three days after He died.  We praise You for Your Plan that includes salvation to all who seek Your will.  And we pray for those who choose to part from Your Word.  May the consequences they experience for sin cause them to reflect on You, Your Word, Your Son and Your Salvation.  In Jesus’ Name ~ Amen

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