Shirley Kufeldt Bio

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Shirley Kufeldt grew up with her identical twin as the fourth and fifth daughters of five girls in a Chicago suburb. Shirley and her sister went their separate ways after high school and remain very close.

When her children were young toddlers, Mrs. Kufeldt returned to church, attending Sunday church services faithfully as well as Bible studies since 1980, accepting Christ as her personal Savior in 1984.  In addition, she participated in a support group for a number of years.

Many times Mrs. Kufeldt was urged to write her timeline of faith and to journal her walk with God.  A variety of attempts never had the intended result that was consistent, or uplifting with purpose and direction; results were unsatisfying.

The Women’s Support Group was particularly enlightening.  Assigned homework was intended for the benefit of the participants but apparently was too challenging for many of the ladies who attended for only a short time and never discovered how much God actually desires to guide their lives with wisdom, compassion and occasional discipline done in love for their spiritual growth.

Bible Bites was developed for those who desire to make significant changes in their lives without the intimidation of a challenging study book, vulnerable group sessions, travel, child care arrangements, etc., etc., etc.

Mrs. Kufeldt and her husband spent over 30 years in Elgin, Illinois raising their two daughters in the same home and school district before retiring to northern Wisconsin.

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Everyone says that a Christian should journal their prayer requests. Several years ago I finally found a system that works for me and have been journaling my prayer requests ever since. I became a Christian in my 30’s but wonder how I ever missed the invitation to accept Christ prior to that time. Bible Bites makes it easy to be exposed to, and respond to, one Scripture each day. It’s like a having a conversation with God!