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Daily Devotional Journals Offer Spiritual Guidance and Inspiration

      Staying faithful to God by reading Bible verses can be a bit of a challenge for many Christians. Shirley Kufeldt felt that way as she read scripture in an effort to walk a Christian life and become aware of God’s plan for her earthly journey.

     “For too many people, reading the Bible, God’s word, is too much of a challenge,” she said. “So they neglect picking up a Bible and do not learn what God has to say about any number of topics.”

     It was these realizations that lead the committed Christian to develop the Bible Bites series, pocket-sized booklets filled with daily scripture verses for prayer requests and personal journaling. Available through Halo Publishing International, Bible Bites booklets are small journals designed to develop the habit of responding to scripture daily. “So each day, Bible Bites invites the learner to ponder one scripture and respond to God’s word with praise and prayer requests,” Kufeldt said.

     Publisher Lisa Umina said the author’s new way of sharing the Christian faith will be a blessing to many readers seeking spiritual inspiration. “It will give them another way to have a conversation with God.”

     Kufeldt said, “Christians will enjoy Bible Bites because it is an extremely simple, timely and effective way to spend time with God’s word and journal on a very regular basis.”

     “When you ask folks if they’re satisfied with their daily devotional time with God, the answer is typically ‘no,’” she said. “People don’t read a Bible, attend church, a Bible study or a support group due to time constraints or lack of desire. They miss out on what God wants to do in their lives.  I finally developed a system of journaling my prayer requests that works for me.”

     “Through Bible Bites, people can easily learn, memorize and mediate on scripture as they journal regularly with direction and purpose.” The idea for the journals came from God, Kufeldt said. “It’s His word, my walk.”

    A native of the Chicago area, the author and her husband, Scott, have been married for 39 years and now live in Northern Wisconsin. They have two daughters and a granddaughter.  

To reach Publisher Lisa M. Umina for comments, call 877-705-9647. To order Bible Bites, visit

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Everyone says that a Christian should journal their prayer requests. Several years ago I finally found a system that works for me and have been journaling my prayer requests ever since. I became a Christian in my 30's but wonder how I ever missed the invitation to accept Christ prior to that time. Bible Bites makes it easy to be exposed to, and respond to, one Scripture each day. It's like a having a conversation with God!