Live With Wisdom, Righteousness and Devotion to God

Heavenly Father, I am so grateful to You for Your Word which blesses those who choose to obey You.  For WE ARE INSTRUCTED TO TURN FROM GODLESS LIVING AND SINFUL PLEASURES.  WE SHOULD LIVE IN THIS EVIL WORLD WITH WISDOM, RIGHTEOUSNESS, AND DEVOTION TO GOD . . . (Titus 2:12 NLT)

We see and experience sin every day whenever we encounter another human being, present company included.  We all want to be coddled, fed, warmed and complimented for behaviors that really are sinful pleasures.  Turning to You should always be the first priority, in prayer, in confession, in forgiveness, in giving, in all our relationships.  But we don’t because of comfort and conformity.

It takes effort to establish a relationship and commitment to keep it going.  Laziness, distraction and pleasure turns my focus away from You.  Confession is required, repentance is needed and forgiveness is requested, along with humility.

I praise You always for being my God and Savior.  In Jesus’ Name ~ Amen

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Everyone says that a Christian should journal their prayer requests. Several years ago I finally found a system that works for me and have been journaling my prayer requests ever since. I became a Christian in my 30’s but wonder how I ever missed the invitation to accept Christ prior to that time. Bible Bites makes it easy to be exposed to, and respond to, one Scripture each day. It’s like a having a conversation with God!