Jesus Turned Water Into Wine at the Wedding in Cana

Master of the Wedding

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I’m here because at first I was bewildered. It was the joyous wedding celebration of two young people in love.  Our guests lingered and stayed much longer than any of us ever anticipated. This caused a predicament for me because I was the Master of the Wedding.

We ran out of wine.

People started whispering.  I was getting uneasy as the guests began to stare at me.

Our guests included Mary, her son Jesus and many His friends. As I glanced through the crowd, I saw Mary speak to her Son.  I anxiously tried to reassure the guests.

But soon one of the servers at the wedding brought me the taster.  I was amazed! It was the best wine I had ever tasted!  Flavorful!  Robust!  Exciting!  The wedding celebration could continue!

Bible Bites - Jesus turns water into wine

Jesus Turns Water Into Wine at the Wedding in Cana

I approached the bridegroom in astonishment. Typically the best wine is served first at weddings and then the quality fades.  But this bridegroom’s wine was the best I’d ever had and it was brought out near the end of his wedding celebration!

It was only afterwards that one of the servers told me what Mary’s son Jesus had them do.  It was all very normal, but the results were astonishing!  Jesus instructed the servers to fill up six large jugs with water. Then, to dip into the water jug and give me, the Master of the Wedding, a taste.  That’s when I excitedly approached the bridegroom with the fantastic news about this new supply of wine!  How did this happen?  I don’t know, but I do know that it was a miracle!

The joyful wedding celebration continued for two Hebrew families joined together. It was marvelous!

But now this news all over Jerusalem is so completely different.  It is not a celebration.  I heard that Jesus was torn apart from His followers.  I heard that He was put on trial.  Then He was shamefully humiliated, ridiculed and beaten.   Crucified!!  Nailed to a cross!

He didn’t deserve that treatment!  I mourn his passing as does the young couple whom He blessed with new wine.  I heard that He performed many miracles.  That event marked His first miracle,

But there was no miracle to save Him.

John 2:1-11