Don’t Be Misled

Heavenly Father, We are living in a divided country now and too many people don’t know who they can believe.  The bedrock of any relationship is trust and respect, but that is impossible without truth, specifically Your Truth.  DON’T BE MISLED—YOU CANNOT MOCK THE JUSTICE OF GOD.  YOU WILL ALWAYS HARVEST WHAT YOU PLANT.  (GALATIANS 6:7)  There are so many diversions in America today—time wasters so that people don’t examine the claims of Christ.  Without a close examination of Your Word, without Truth, people will mock You, perhaps unknowingly but many times with outright intent.

However, for every mocking action, there is a consequence and all Americans are affected by those who demand justice apart from You.  THE LORD DETESTS PEOPLE WITH CROOKED HEARTS, BUT HE DELIGHTS IN THOSE WITH INTEGRITY.  (PROVERBS 11:20 NLT)   With gratitude for Your Word, we continue to look to You for guidance, wisdom, and blessings, but most of all for the relationship we enjoy because of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for all sinners.  In Jesus’ Name ~ Amen

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Everyone says that a Christian should journal their prayer requests. Several years ago I finally found a system that works for me and have been journaling my prayer requests ever since. I became a Christian in my 30’s but wonder how I ever missed the invitation to accept Christ prior to that time. Bible Bites makes it easy to be exposed to, and respond to, one Scripture each day. It’s like a having a conversation with God!