The 30-Day Challenge is for your benefit and was developed by Robert McGee, author of Search for Significance.  Please print out the 30 Day Challenge to post on your fridge and bathroom mirror.  You’ll find the eight lines below to read every day for 30 days (that’s the Challenge!).  Be blessed and changed as you just take ten seconds a day for 30 days to CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND BELIEVE WHAT GOD STATES IS TRUE ABOUT YOU.


Your Worth = What God Says About You

Because of Christ and His redemption,

I AM deeply loved by God

I AM completely forgiven by God

I AM fully pleasing to God

I AM totally accepted by God

I AM absolutely complete in Christ.

I am deeply loved by God – PROPITIATION

God showed how much he loved us by sending his one and only Son into the world so that we might have eternal life through him. This is real love—not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as a sacrifice to take away our sins.   1 John 4:9-10 (NLT)

I am absolutely complete in Christ – REGENERATION

 This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun! 2 Cor 5:17 (NLT)

I am completely forgiven and fully pleasing to God – JUSTIFICATION

We are made right with God by placing our faith in Jesus Christ. And this is true for everyone who believes, no matter who we are.  For everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard.  Yet God, with undeserved kindness, declares that we are righteous. He did this through Christ Jesus when he freed us from the penalty for our sins.  For God presented Jesus as the sacrifice for sin. People are made right with God when they believe that Jesus sacrificed his life, shedding his blood. Romans 3:22-25 (NLT)

For God made Christ, who never sinned, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God through Christ. 2 Cor 5:21 (NLT)

I am totally accepted by God – RECONCILIATION

 For God in all his fullness was pleased to live in Christ, and through him God reconciled everything to himself. He made peace with everything in heaven and on earth by means of Christ’s blood on the cross.  This includes you who were once far away from God. You were his enemies, separated from him by your evil thoughts and actions.  Yet now he has reconciled you to himself through the death of Christ in his physical body. As a result, he has brought you into his own presence, and you are holy and blameless as you stand before him without a single fault.   Col 1:19-22 (NLT)